Refinishing your gym floor at the same time as bleacher repair

Posted on 03 February 2012 by admin

Refinishing the gym floor is a big job and many times schools will combine both projects to minimize the amount of time that the gym is closed to students. At Acumen Entry Solutions, we’ve found that there are two essential requirements to a successful gym floor/bleacher refurbishment.

ONE. Coordinating with the flooring contractor is critical. We use a step-by-step procedure to prevent damage to the new floor.

TWO. Refinishing gym floors is a dusty business and the sawdust goes everywhere. Covering the bleachers with plastic and hermetically sealing them with tape is a pain in the neck — but is much better than having to clean the dust off of the entire under structure and all the wheels.

If your school is considering a complete gym refurbishing project (which includes both the floor and telescopic bleacher seating), please notify Acumen Entry Solutions as soon as possible. Extra lead time may be required to coordinate with your flooring contractor and to stage materials and equipment at your location.

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