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Posted on 15 April 2012 by admin

With summer around the corner and an increase of people out and about, Acumen Entry Solutions would like to remind the public to ensure that valuable items such as bicycles, motorcycles, trailers, ATVs and golf carts need to be secured.

These are examples of expensive items that are targeted by thieves. Often times, officers learn that the items were stolen simply because the opportunity presented itself.

A little prevention goes a long way. Some examples of what the public can do to ensure their property is secured:

• Be cautious in leaving your garage door open for extended period of time – criminals will take note of what’s in your garage.
• Ensure keys are not left in the ignition.
• If you own a motorcycle, ensure the steering column is locked if possible.
• Trailer and hitch locks also provide protection against thefts.

Safety is everyone’s business and every little bit helps. Report any suspicious person(s) or activity in your neighborhood to the police. For more information or tips please contact Acumen Entry Solutions at 253.255.6288 or visit our website at

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